Welcome to the British Comic Awards

The British Comic Awards are an annual celebration of the best stories told by writers and illustrators over the past twelve months.

Our awards recognise the finest examples of creativity, ingenuity, skill and originality in sequential storytelling (otherwise known as good old comics). We don’t distinguish between printed work and digital, or between published and self-published work; our only criteria is that the creator(s) be based in the UK. You can read a full list of criteria under Qualifying Work.

All previous nominees and winners are listed on the Previous Years page.

Best Comic

The Best Comic award is open to short-form, self-contained stories published between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015.

This category may include one-off stories, single issues of ongoing series, graphic novellas, short stories from anthologies and web-comic strips. Any publication under 60 pages would be considered for this category.

Best Book

The Best Book award is open to long-form comics or collections published between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015.

This category may include original graphic novels, collected editions, literary adaptations, longer anthologies or a substantial body of work available to read digitally. Any publication of 60 pages or over would be considered for this category.

Young People’s Comic Awards

Run in association with Leeds Library, this award is judged by young people from schools and public libraries around the country. It will celebrate the best in short-form and long-form stories suitable for a young audience published between 1st August 2014 and 31st August 2015.
(Please note this 13 month period is just for 2015’s awards while we coordinate the YPCA with the rest of our categories.) 

For more information about eligibility, the voting system for this award, how to get your school involved and previous winners please see the Young People’s Comic Awards page.

Emerging Talent

Every year one new creator will be celebrated for their Emerging Talent. This creator will have shown irrepressible talent, ingenuity, and potential over the previous year and will be early on in their career as a comic creator.

Hall of Fame

The BCAs Hall of Fame celebrates talented and influential figures from Britain’s rich comics tradition. Each year’s entrant will be announced shortly before the Awards ceremony in November and will represent the best that British comics have to offer. The recipient of this award is selected each year by the Committee.

Our Hall of Fame so far includes Posy Simmonds, Leo Baxendale and Raymond Briggs.

Qualifying Work

Voting System