The Voting System

The Voting System

The British Comic Awards is made up of an Awards Committee and a Judging Panel. Broadly speaking, the Committee is responsible for the shortlist while the Judges, which change every year, are responsible for selecting the winner of each category.


The Committee works hard to stay aware of work from all levels of the comics community in the UK, but to make sure we are aware of absolutely everything we welcome and encourage suggestions from the public through our Nomination form.

The Committee compiles a ‘longlist’ throughout the awards year and each member privately selects their top 5 choices for each category. Those votes are compiled to produce the shortlist.


Once the shortlist has been announced then the final decisions will rest in the hands of our Judges. Each Judge privately selects their top 3 for each category and those votes are compiled to determine the winner. In the event of a tie, the number of 2nd or 3rd place votes are taken into account. The Judges are selected by the Committee and differ every year.

The only exceptions to this are The Hall of Fame Award, which is chosen by the Committee and the Young People’s Comic Award which is chosen by children from numerous schools and libraries.