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Committee and Judges eligibility

Last week, an interview with BCB radio prompted a discussion among the committee about eligibility that we’ve chewed over for a few days.

See, we’d all implicitly agreed that none of the committee members or judges would have nominated work (it always looks a bit cheeky, to be honest) but we hadn’t ever written it down.

Correcting that was easy. No works created in whole or mainly by a member of the judging panel or committee will be eligible for a BCA nomination.

But what about anthologies?

As an editor of one myself (Paper Science) I’d assumed that it would be ‘my’ work, and would fall under the rule above. But other anthologies published in the past year feature very small stories by creators either on the committee or that we’re approaching to be judges. And when that might mean they’ve contributed 3 pages out of 150 or so, something didn’t seem quite right.

So we’ve settled on another one. No anthologies edited or curated by a member of the judging panel or committee will be eligible for a BCA nomination.

It seems the fairest way to halt any accusations of nepotism while also being open to the huge variety of anthologies produced by our tight-knit comics community here on Blighty.

Obviously we’ll see how that works out as time goes on; the ‘rules’ about nominations will have to evolve over time, as new ways of producing comics develop and surprise us.

We’ll be as open as we can be about that – without spoiling the nominations – right here.

Matthew Sheret.

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Designing the logo

One of the many many things we discussed when setting up the awards was the logo and branding.

I’ve worked with clients in the past whose logo requirements had been as vague as ‘make it all whooshy’ or as bizarre as ‘like the Nike logo, only for horses’. The requirements that we decided on as a committee were that ideally the logo would reflect the heritage of comics culture, communicate the idea of an award and be visually fresh and distinctive.

We had a few potential logos that we kicked about until I arrived at an idea. I’d been spending time looking at the 4CP site. If you haven’t seen it, go and have a look. The site has loads of high resolution scans of printed comics that reveal the 4 colour process in action. I don’t know about you but I find this endlessly fascinating.

While I was looking through the site, something occurred to me.

I’d known for a long time that the arrangement of the dots in the four colour process sometimes aligned to form ‘rosettes’.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of an insight, but it had me jumping about the room with joy: ROSETTES! Like for winning AWARDS!

I like simple ideas that neatly fit together.

We worked through a few variations of type and colour and arrived at the final logo;

So that’s where that came from. The design of the logo has a important part to play in the story of the physical awards themselves. That’s another part of the story for another day though.

Dan Berry

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