Each year the BCA Committee will consist of knowledgeable people from the world of British comics generously giving their time to shortlist the nominations, select the Hall of Fame recipient, select the Judging panel and organise the BCA ceremony in November.

The Committee Chair is responsible for overseeing the responsibilities of the Committee and organising the nominations, the voting and the annual Ceremony. The Chair does not have a casting vote towards the shortlists.


Adam Cadwell, BCA Founder and Committee Chair.

Cadwell began plans for the British Comic Awards in May 2011 to celebrate and promote the great work and talent in the thriving UK comics community. Cadwell is a cartoonist, illustrator and storyboard artist based in Manchester, UK. In April 2012 he co-founded Great Beast Comics, a publishing group for professionally self-published, creator owned comics. Through this imprint he publishes his own series Blood Blokes and a book collection of his web-comic The Everyday. His comic work has been published by Vertigo Comics, Image Comics, Jonathan Cape and Blank Slate Books.


Camila Barboza has worked at Orbital Comics in London for a number of years. She was one of the co-founders of the indie comics importer and distributor Impossible Books, and can generally be found at fairs and festivals making comics creators feel slightly awkward by pointing a camera at them.


Jamillah Knowles is a life-long comic book fan, writer, broadcaster, journalist and was a BCA Judge in 2013. Knowles is best known for producing and presenting BBC Radio 5’s Outriders, a show about exploring the frontiers of the web. You can find her studying AI, drawing things and watching the news on Twitter.


Craig Neilson-Adams is the Editor-in-Chief of the Big Comic Page, and also serves as the site’s Reviews Editor.  A lifelong comic fan, he has always considered himself to be a strong advocate for the often overlooked small press scene, particularly in his native Scotland, and frequently bombards his friends and colleagues with recommendations about the ‘next big thing’.  To that end, he also serves on the judging panel for the Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance (SICBA)’s annual awards. He’s a sucker for anything to do with Swamp Thing, and recently got married to the love of his life, which explains the rather fetching double-barrelled name.


Jessica Penfold has self published some, popped up in a couple of anthologies, illustrated a little, then opened Eggs Milk Butter, a comics and coffee shop in London. She ran it for two years then jacked it all in for the easy life and kept the comics for herself. She’s still reading comics always and threatening to write/draw sometimes.


Clark Burscough is a life-long comics fan, whose love of illustrated storytelling was instilled in him from a young age by his father. He studied for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Leeds, which is where his comics fandom truly came of age. In 2007 he volunteered for the Thought Bubble comics festival, and now works as the organisation’s Assistant Director, a position which he finds extremely rewarding, and which brings him into contact with creators of amazing comics from all walks of life. His favourite comic changes on a near weekly basis, but if pushed for an answer he’d probably have to say Blacksad, or Grant Morrison’s Invisibles.


Maura McHugh is a writer living in Galway, Ireland. Her short stories have been published in magazines and anthologies in the UK and the USA, and she’s written two collections called Twisted Fairy Tales and Twisted Myths, which were published in the USA. She wrote the comic book series Róisín Dubh, and Jennifer Wilde (nominated for an Eagle Award and a British Fantasy Award) for Atomic Diner Comics, she was a contributor to the Womanthology comic book anthology published by IDW, and has co-written the mini-series Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland with Kim Newman for Dark Horse Comics. She’s also written part of a horror anthology play called The Hallowe’en Sessions, which was staged in London. Maura is also the co-organiser of Laydeez do Comics, Dublin, and has been a member of several Irish and international literary and film juries.


Andy Oliver is the Editor-in-Chief of the comics news, features and reviews website Broken Frontier. He’s also Broken Frontier’s resident expert on UK small press comics through his regular ‘Small Pressganged’ column where he has been writing about the worlds of self-publishing and micropublishing since 2011. He has been a judge for the 2014 Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition, a contributor to Paul Gravett’s book 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die, and is a passionate champion of grassroots comics and DIY culture.


Andy Waterfield is the word-juggler behind On Wednesdays We Wear Ink, a mostly weekly comics column for The Runout. He cut his teeth writing about comics as a contributing editor for, interviewing Rick Remender, Steve Niles, and Matt Miner, among others. When he isn’t mainlining new comics, Andy enjoys Irn Bru and big hair. He cannot be killed by conventional weapons.