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BCA Shortlist 2013 – Nominees announced

The British Comic Awards committee are very pleased to announce the shortlist for this year’s Awards. The shortlisted titles for each category were decided by the committee of 9 comic industry professionals and academics from 100s of eligible titles submitted by the public as well as publishers and the creators themselves. This year’s nominees are:

Best Comic
The Absence #5 – Martin Stiff (self published)
The Listening Agent – Joe Decie (Blank Slate Books)
Mud Man #6 – Paul Grist (Image Comics)
Soppy #2 – Philippa Rice (self published)
Winter’s Knight: Day One – Robert M Ball (Great Beast/self published)


Best Book
The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil – Stephen Collins (Jonathan Cape)
Judge Dredd: Trifecta – Al Ewing, Rob Williams, Simon Spurrier, Henry Flint, D’Israeli, Carl Critchlow and Simon Coleby (2000AD Graphic Novels)
The Man Who Laughs – David Hine and Mark Stafford (Self Made Hero)
Mrs. Weber’s Omnibus – Posy Simmonds (Jonathan Cape)
The Nao of Brown – Glyn Dillon (Self Made Hero)

Young People’s Comic Award
Cindy & Biscuit #3 – Dan White (self published)
The Complete Rainbow Orchid – Garen Ewing (Egmont)
Hilda & The Bird Parade – Luke Pearson (NoBrow/Flying Eye Books)
Playing Out – Jim Medway (Blank Slate Books)
The Sleepwalkers – Vivianne Schwarz (Walker Books)


Emerging Talent
Isabel Greenberg (The River of Lost Souls)
Dilraj Mann (Frank Ocean VS Chris Brown, Make You Notice, Turning Point)
Will Morris (The Silver Darlings)
Jade Sarson (Cafe Suada)
Lizzy Stewart (Solo, Four Days In Brussels, Four Days in Iceland, Object Stories)


And the second entrant to our Hall of Fame will be Leo Baxendale.


A big congratulations to all the nominees.

The nominated titles will now be passed over to our panel of judges who will decide the winner for each category except the Young People’s Comic Award which is chosen reading groups of young people from schools and libraries around the UK.

The 2nd Annual British Comic Awards Ceremony will take place Saturday 23rd November as part of the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds (venue and time to be announced). Now in it’s seventh year, the festival will take place in a variety of venues across the city from 17th – 24th November, with a huge 2 day comic convention at the Royal Armouries on the 23rd and 24th. Thought Bubble is the UK’s largest annual event which celebrates sequential art in all its forms and caters to both long-time comic book fans and those who have never picked up a graphic novel before.

The British Comic Awards is an annual celebration of the very best comics made in Britain over the past twelve months. The Awards aim to recognise and promote to a wider audience the finest examples of storytelling in this most underrated of mediums.

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Lisa Wood to step down from Committee

Committee member Lisa Wood has made the decision to step down from her role as a voting member of the BCA Committee. Wood, who also co-directs the Thought Bubble Festival, has made the decision to relinquish her role to pursue her career as a comic artist, going by the pen name Tula Lotay, after being offered work from Vertigo Comics and Image. Wood said this news was “super exciting for me as its what I’ve always wanted to do, but it means I need to give up some other commitments.” She also added “I’m pretty sad about it. I’ve loved being a part of it.”

Wood will still be an integral part of the BCAs, coordinating the Awards Ceremony and Young People’s Comic Award Ceremony within the Thought Bubble Festival’s program. She will also advise on key decisions as the Awards go forward into it’s third year.

We all wish Wood the best of luck in her career, she a phenomenally talented artist, and we look forward to seeing more work by her. Tula Lotay’s first work since this decision was made can be seen in Vertigo’s American Vampire: Anthology #1 which is available now and she will soon grace the cover of Elephantmen #54 from Image Comics.

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Young People’s Comic Award: Last Call for Nominations


The deadline for entries for the Young People’s Comic Award is July 31st, just 6 days away!

If you would like your favourite comic, or comic that you’ve made/published, suitable for a young audience and released after August 1st 2012 to be added to the Longlist and considered for this year’s Award, then please NOMINATE IT HERE! Each title only needs nominating ONCE to be considered. This is not a most-votes-win system.

The Longlist for the YPCA this year is, well, not looking very long at the moment. We are sure there must be more comics out there that we have missed and that’s why we need your help. To ensure that your comic for young readers is considered by the Committee please let us know about it in the next week.

To help with this we have added the current, incomplete Longlist for the YPCA to our website. CLICK HERE to see all the titles we are aware of so far. I you think anything is missing, please tell us!

Thank you for all your suggestions so far, there’s been A LOT! Please send us even more for the Young People’s Comic Award in the next 6 days.

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The Judging Panel 2013

We are genuinely delighted to finally announce this year’s Judging Panel for the British Comic Awards 2013.

The Judges are (in alphabetical order):

Gareth David (lyricist and singer in the band Los Campesinos!), Lenny Henry (actor, writer and comedian), Stephen L Holland (co-owner and manager of Page 45 comic shop), Jamillah Knowles (writer and broadcaster), Graham Linehan (comedy writer and director), Josie Long (comedian, writer and actress) and Sarah McIntyre (cartoonist and children’s book illustrator).

Full bios can be found on the Judges page.

The Judges were selected by the BCA Committee and chosen for their interest or involvement in comics and for their ability to view the medium critically as works of art and entertainment from their point of view as successful professionals in their respective creative fields.

We’d like to welcome all the Judges to the British Comic Awards, thank them for donating their time so generously and wish them luck in the unenviable task of selecting a winner from what is shaping up to be a very, very strong shortlist.

And don’t forget, nominations are still open (until July 31st for Young People’s Comic Award and August 30th for the other awards) so check the rules and suggest your favourite comics for the shortlist!

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New Committee, New Ideas.

At the start of this year, the first task for the 5 remaining members of the 2012 BCA Committee was to recruit new members. We began by recommending people we thought would be suitable for the role and invited them to join us. This was the method we used when putting together the original Committee back in 2011 and the Judging Panel in 2012.

During the recruitment process, we discussed issues of diversity and representation. Our concerns led to two questions: “Was the Committee representative of the British public?” and “Could the public feel confident that they were being represented by the Committee?”

The answer to the first question was always going to be no. It is difficult to represent all the nationalities and identities of the people of Britain within a Committee of 10 people – though we have made every effort to put together a diverse, qualified and knowledgeable committee who have specific and unique areas of expertise within the world of comics.

The answer to the second question was less straight forward. We hope that most of the public would say yes, they do feel represented and their tastes and opinions about British comics are being considered by the wide range of people on the Committee. Again, due to the impossibility of representing every type of person, there is always going to be someone who could say no, they do not feel they are being represented. The question then became “What more could we do to ensure more of the public feel represented?”

Our answer came from looking at the way we recruited Committee members, i.e. by recommending people we knew of (though, in some cases, had never met or spoke to) who we felt were well qualified for the role. This approach has been effective so far but we could see the limitations in the long term. Our solution was to encourage people to come to us, so people from all backgrounds can apply to be a part of the British Comic Awards.

So, as part of our continuing work to develop the BCA we will be opening the Committee and Judging Panel to a process of application in future years. Developing equality policies and application materials to enable this to happen is a work in progress for the current Committee. This is a large job and couldn’t be put into practice this year without seriously hampering the other responsibilities of the Committee.

We want people from all walks of life to be able to enjoy all the work selected for the Awards each year and feel connected to the people deciding the shortlists and picking the winners.

After the first successful year of the British Comic Awards we are confident this is a project that should continue and we are working hard to ensure that the Awards are fully representative of the comics community. Rooted in passion for the medium, we are driven by an urge to see it have an increasing profile in the UK. We believe the Awards are well placed to offer a space to celebrate and publicise sequential art.

We welcome any thoughts and comments you may have on this topic. Please leave a comment on this blog post, send us a message on Facebook, or email us at

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