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Nominations Open & 2013 Committee announced.

Plans for the 2nd Annual British Comic Awards are well underway and we’re more excited than ever about comics in the UK.

Nominations for this year’s Awards have been open for over a month now but we haven’t mentioned it on this blog until now. Soooo, you can Nominate titles for consideration by the Committee via our Nomination Form or on our home page.

What has been your favourite British comic or graphic novel since last September? What treats have you bought at a comic show or received for Christmas? What work have you made that you’re especially proud of? Let us know!

Any title by British creators published between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013 are eligible as long as the rights remain in the UK. Please check the Qualifying Work page for further info. Please note this isn’t a most-votes-win process, this is a nomination process, you only need to nominate a title once and creators and publishers can nominate their own work too. You can send us numerous (different) suggestions from now until the 31st August.

The Committee for 2013 has been assorted and confirmed and we can finally reveal who they are! The 2013 Committee is made up of:

Zainab Akhtar, Clark Burscough, Richard Bruton, Dr. Mel Gibson, Dr. Ian Hague, Tom Humberstone, David Monteith, Vicky Stonebridge, Stacey Whittle and Lisa Wood.

BCA Founder Adam Cadwell is taking the role of Committee Chair.

(Short bios and flattering photos of the whole Committee can be found on the Committee page.)

There was some public discussion following last year’s Awards about gender balance on the Committee and Judging Panel. An even split of men and women was intended last year but wasn’t possible when trying to convince people to dedicate their free time to an idea. Now we’ve established the Awards we are glad to say we have 5 men and 5 women on the Committee for 2013.

Throughout the early stages of organising this year’s Awards issues of representation and diversity have been forefront in our thinking. A full blog post detailing these issues, how the Committee has been selected and how we plan to select Committee members and Judges in the future, will appear here in the coming days.

Oh, and we have finally joined Facebook! Go ahead and Like us to get BCA news, photos, videos and comics on your FB news feed.

Here’s to another year of incredible British comics!

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The British Comic Awards: A Short Film

We are very proud to present this short film about the British Comic Awards made by the wonderful filmmaker Anne Hollowday.

Anne not only filmed the ceremony and interviewed us but also filmed the Young People’s Comic Award ceremony on the Friday and edited together a short summary of the day (with even more interviews) in time to be shown at the BCA ceremony the next day. Anne, you’re a star! Thanks to Lisa Wood and Stacey Whittle too for taking the time out from a very busy weekend to be interviewed.

You can see more of Anne’s films, including one about Thought Bubble last year, on her Vimeo page.

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Protester by Joe Decie

Here’s a brilliant comic by Award nominee Joe Decie about an amusing but heartbreaking moment from the first BCA ceremony.

Also, committee member Richard Bruton reports on the ceremony on the Forbidden Planet blog including photos and other heckles from the young Decie.

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Hall of Fame: Raymond Briggs

With our Hall of Fame category we aim to celebrate the most talented and influential figures from Britain’s rich comics tradition. Over time we hope it represents the very finest that British comics have to offer.

It wasn’t an easy choice for the Committee to choose the very first entrant into the Hall of Fame. From over a 100 years of history, of all the well known names and obscure talents, the masters and the auteurs, those who influenced the current generation and those who influenced them, who should we pick?

In the end we went with someone who is familiar to us all yet we rarely praise as an important figure in the history of British comics. Someone whose work is a timeless treasure we all fondly remember discovering for the first time.

Our first inductee to the British Comic Awards Hall of Fame is… Mr. Raymond Briggs.

Photograph by Liz Finlayson from the

On hearing the news Mr. Briggs kindly sent us this email:

Ye Gods! Wizard prang! Top Hole! Bang On! etcetera. A great honour. Thank you very much indeed.

In 1949 when I applied to go to Wimbledon Art School, at the age of 15, at the interview the principal said: Tell me now, why do you want to come to my art school?
Well, sir – I said – I want to learn how to draw in order to become a cartoonist.
He went crimson in the face, stood up and roared at me: Good God, boy! Is that ALL you want to do?

Best Wishes,
Raymond Briggs.

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The Winners 2012

The shortlists have been chosen, the judges have judged and the ceremony has taken place. It’s time to reveal the winners of the British Comic Awards 2012. Without further ado…

BEST BOOK: NelsonEdited by Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix
Published by Blank Slate Books, November 2011.

BEST COMIC: Bad Machinery: The Case of The Fire InsideJohn Allison
Published online at, January to June 2012.

YOUNG PEOPLE’S COMIC AWARD: Hilda and the Midnight GiantLuke Pearson
Published by NoBrow Press, November 2011.

EMERGING TALENT: Josceline Fenton

HALL OF FAME: Raymond Briggs

Congratulations to all our winners and our nominees, and a big thank you to the Committee, the Judges and to everyone who attended the ceremony. Also, huge thanks to our partners at the Thought Bubble Festival without whom none of this would happened and our sponsors at Awesome Merchandise.

For an in depth look at all of our nominees and winners please visit the 2012 Winners page.

There will be a career retrospective blog post about Raymond Briggs appearing here shortly as well as a short film about the very first BCAs by filmmaker Anne Holiday. The site will be updated over the next week and we’ll be open to suggestions for nominees for 2013 very soon.

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