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Young People’s Comic Award Nominees 2016

YPCA Nominees 2016

The votes are in and this year’s Committee has selected the shortlisted titles for the Young People’s Comic Award 2016 run in partnership with Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival and the Leeds Library and Information Service.

Jonathan Ross, Sarah McIntyre, Zainab Akhtar, David Monteith, Tom Oldham and Abby Bulmer have read each and every eligible title sent to us and picked their favourites, compiled together to create the final shortlist.

This year’s YPCA nominees are:

Lost Tales by Adam Murphy with Lisa Murphy (David Fickling Books) – Buy it here

Mega Robo Bros by Neill Cameron with Lisa Murphy (David Fickling Books) – Buy it here

Parsley Girl: Carrots by Matthew Swan (Avery Hill Publishing) – Buy it here

Tamsin and the Deep by Neill Cameron and Kate Brown (David Fickling Books) – Buy it here

Zorse by Ramzee with Liz Greenfield (Self published) – Buy it here

Congratulations to all the nominees and a big thank you to everyone who submitted their work this year. The full Longlist of eligible titles can be found here.

The nominated titles will now be sent to over a dozen schools across Leeds and throughout the country for the young readers to read, enjoy and judge. Their winning title will be revealed at a special ceremony on Friday 4th November in Leeds as part of the 10th year of Thought Bubble.

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Young People’s Comic Award 2016 – Call for Entries


Entries are open for this year’s Young People’s Comic Award (YPCA), rewarding outstanding comics suitable for a young audience. The winner will be chosen by young people from dozens of reading groups across the country.

This award is run in association with the Thought Bubble Comic Arts Festival and Leeds Library and Information Service. The YPCA will be the only category of the British Comic Awards open this year. Whilst we couldn’t arrange the full BCAs this year (more on why later on) the team at Thought Bubble, Leeds Library and ourselves didn’t want the many, many young people who take part in the YPCA every year to go without their annual discovery of great new British comics.

Any UK based creators or publishers can submit their titles for consideration. Please consider the following before applying:

  • The work must have been published for the first time between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016.
  • The closing date for submissions is Friday 29th July 2016. Publishers and creators can send us advance copies of work due to be released in August.
  • Due to the short time frame before the closing date, entries not accompanied by a full PDF copy of the work will be deemed ineligible.
  • This award is open to all short-form and long-form stories and collections suitable for children. This category may include one-off stories, single issues of ongoing series, graphic novellas, short stories from anthologies, web comic strips, original graphic novels, collected editions, literary adaptations, longer anthologies or a substantial body of work available to read digitally.
  • In the case of weekly or monthly anthology titles, the individual strips must be submitted as a collection. For example: 52 issues of The Beano cannot be accepted as one entry, but 52 weeks worth of Dennis the Menace strips can be.
  • Nominated titles must be the work of a British based creative team, and the rights to such work should belong to either the creators or a UK publisher. Work by non-UK citizens is eligible if they have resided in the UK for over 3 years outside of education.
  • If your title is chosen as a Nominee, the publisher may be asked to donate approx 15 copies of their title for all the participating schools and libraries who will judge the winner.

If your comic meets all the criteria then please send an email, with as much info as possible AND a pdf of the work or a link to where it can be viewed online, to:


Voting and Judging

The shortlisted titles for the YPCA will be chosen by our Committee, who read every entry submitted and then privately chose their Top 5. These votes are then collated to decide the final shortlist. Our Committee this year is:

YPCA Committee 2016

Zainab Akhtar – Comics journalist and founder of Short Box. @comicsandcola
Abby Bulmer – Cartoonist, illustrator and Travelling Man employee. @abbyryder
Sarah McIntyre – Children’s book illustrator and cartoonist. @jabberworks
David Monteith – Actor, Tutor, Director and co-founder of Geek Syndicate. @davidmonteith
Tom Oldham – Co-founder of Breakdown Press and Events Manager at Gosh!. @trenchtorso
Jonathan Ross – TV presenter and comic writer. @wossy

The nominated titles are then sent out to participating schools and public library reading groups and are read, discussed and voted for by young people. Most of the schools are based in and around Leeds although schools nationwide take part too.

The YPCA is managed by Adam Cadwell (BCA Founder), Debbie Moody (Leeds Library), Martha Julian and Biserka Stringer-Horne (Thought Bubble).

The winner of the Young People’s Comic Award will be presented in a special ceremony in front of over a hundred of our young judges on Friday 4th November 2016 in coordination with Thought Bubble Comic Arts Festival.

Why no BCAs?

We are sad to announce that the full 5 categories of the British Comic Awards won’t be taking place this year due to a lack of funding and lack of time on behalf of Awards Manager, Adam Cadwell. It was a difficult decision to put the BCAs on hiatus this year but ultimately we’d rather reorganise and recruit more help for 2017 than run a hastily assembled and disappointing awards for 2016. Heartfelt apologies to all the creators and publishers who have produced amazing work this year who may have had their eye on a BCA.

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YPCA Judges Challenge Local Dragons

The deadline for this year’s Young People’s Comic Award has passed and the Committee are busy finalising the shortlist. While we wait to send out the nominated titles to 16 reading groups from schools and libraries across the country we’d like to share this story from earlier this year about one of our groups of young judges.


“Judges from Craven Dragon’s Den (an initiative by Craven District Council) were surprised to find themselves drawing comic strips on Monday 17 March, as part of the successful bid by the Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies. The five members of Team Ketchup, a reading group based at Skipton Library, aged 11 to 15, asked the Dragon’s to “Comic Jam” with them. Like the BBC2 TV show the Craven Dragon’s fund community projects which benefit the local community focusing on young people under 25, and the Fluffy Ketchups have big plans.

The group, created by staff at Skipton Library, is a reading group specialising in comics and graphic novels, and was inspired by the British Comic Awards in Leeds. Now the youngsters are moving from being comic book consumers to comic book producers, using the £250 grant to create and print original comics of their own. Planning to attend Leeds Thought Bubble Festival in the autumn, the group will hold an exhibition of their work at Skipton Library and host an open Comic Jam.

Young entrepreneur Beth Tudor told the Dragons,

What we’d like to do is share our experience and hold a massive comic jam, inviting anyone to come and see how easy it is. You don’t have to be brilliant at drawing, you don’t have to be brilliant at writing, or even reading, comics can be for anybody.

Other members of the successful presentation team were Charlie Coughlin, Ben Buckner, Matthew Joynson and Grace Mills, all of whom attend different Craven Schools. The Fluffy Ketchups meet monthly and are supported by Skipton Library and the Friends of Skipton Library.”

The BCA Committee were delighted to hear that our young judges have been inspired to create their own comics and to be proactive and professional in making it happen. Godspeed you Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies!

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Young People’s Comic Award: Last Call for Nominations


The deadline for entries for the Young People’s Comic Award is July 31st, just 6 days away!

If you would like your favourite comic, or comic that you’ve made/published, suitable for a young audience and released after August 1st 2012 to be added to the Longlist and considered for this year’s Award, then please NOMINATE IT HERE! Each title only needs nominating ONCE to be considered. This is not a most-votes-win system.

The Longlist for the YPCA this year is, well, not looking very long at the moment. We are sure there must be more comics out there that we have missed and that’s why we need your help. To ensure that your comic for young readers is considered by the Committee please let us know about it in the next week.

To help with this we have added the current, incomplete Longlist for the YPCA to our website. CLICK HERE to see all the titles we are aware of so far. I you think anything is missing, please tell us!

Thank you for all your suggestions so far, there’s been A LOT! Please send us even more for the Young People’s Comic Award in the next 6 days.

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Young People’s Comic Awards Nominees

After much reading, discovery and discussion we are very happy to announce our first shortlist of nominees for the Young People’s Comic Awards.

The nominees are (in alphabetical order by title):

Bad Machinery: The Case of The Fire Inside by John Allison
Published online at http://scarygoround.com, January 9th – June 28th 2012

Dinopopolous by Nick Edwards
Published by Blank Slate Publishing (Chalk Marks), October 2011

Gum Girl volume 1: Catastrophe Calling by Andi Watson
Published by Walker Books, March 2012

Hilda and the Midnight Giant by Luke Pearson
Published by Nobrow Press, November 2011

The Lost Boy by Kate Brown
Published in ‘The Phoenix’ by David Fickling Books, January 7th – 1st September 2012

Congratulations to all the creators and publishers of the nominated titles. We can’t wait to find out who the young people declare as the winner in November.

The award year for this year’s YPCA is 1st August 2011 to 31st July 2012. We realise that The Lost Boy concluded after this period. In selecting the nominees we, the Committee, have had to refine and define the rules of eligibility as we encountered different titles in different formats. In regards to serialised stories such as The Lost Boy we concluded that:

Serialisations can be nominated in the year the majority of the work was published in.

And also:

The Committee will not be able to shortlist the work as a collected edition if a serialisation was previously nominated.

The Committee discussed at some length the practicalities of nominating online work and work serialised across numerous issues of a weekly anthology title like The Phoenix for an award that will be judged by young people. Whilst it would be easier to send 5 books to each of the dozen participating schools our aim is to celebrate and promote amazing comics regardless of their format.

We’ll work closely with the authors and publishers of the nominated titles and the teachers to ensure that the young people can access and read online comics, or serialised comics presented across a number of issues or as a pdf file, in a way they can enjoy. When necessary we will provide schools with a Teachers Guide too.

We thought there is no guarantee there will be a print collection of The Lost Boy, so does it not deserve a nomination because it was serialised, even if it’s a fantastic story? If and when it is published as a book that very same story will still be considered a BCA Nominee (or possibly winner).

While we may not be able to give the school libraries a book to keep at the end of the process, the benefit will be that young people are discovering new comics and new ways of reading comics. Many of them may catch up with all the Bad Machinery stories online and discover other web comics through it. They may become fans of The Phoenix and discover other great stories in there. And more importantly they may learn that comics can be read anywhere, anyhow. That the world is full of comics in secret places. And they may figure out that if anyone can put a comic on the internet, then they can too.

Adam Cadwell.

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